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Autumn Equinox

Autumn Equinox


A beautiful blend that is a light and wholesome tea, caffeine-free, with immune-boosting ingredients that blend with the seasons.


Just a few herbs and berries, but during the Autumn season, they are at their peak strength, so a good time for harvesting! We added dried orange to our blend at home, which is always sitting in a jar with an array of our teas!


Chamomile - a beautiful flower that dresses our gardens and is a really helpful botanical that we all love in our teas. It may help with:

Menstrual pain

Treating diabetes and lowering blood sugar

May help with Osteoporosis

Known to aid inflammatory conditions

Helps with sleep, anxiety, and relaxation

It may help with cold symptoms.

It may help with digestive issues by smoothing the digestive tract


Blackberry leaves have a good source of tannins, Vitamin C and can be really helpful for a sore throat or mouth ulcers.

  • Ingredients

    Chamomile, Calendula, Blackberry leaves, Apple chunks, Cinnamon, Elderberries and Cloves.

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