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Moonlight White Dragon Pearl Pur’uh Tea 2020 Yunnan

Moonlight White Dragon Pearl Pur’uh Tea 2020 Yunnan


This Moonlight White Dragon Pearl tea is from the 2020 harvest and is picked in early spring when the buds are at their freshest, picked when the leaves show a white fluff on the top which gives them the name of ‘White Tea.’

The leaves are withered under the moonlight before being brought inside and hand rolled into Dragon Pearls.

This is a very smooth , mellow tea with notes of fruit and honey and can be infused several times as the leaves produce a good infusion. We recommend depending out your particular tastes, that you infuse the first time for about 30 seconds, drain and taste the soup (tea) then pour fresh 80 degrees water over again and infuse for 1-2 minutes.

Each pearl weighs 8-9 g and can be used in a teapot which will allow the pearl to unfurl and infuse.

Sold in quantities of 10

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