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The result was drinks on the tables, prudently brought from home. This made the work of the waitresses easier - after completing the first order, there was no need to return to this table, because everyone had everything! Particularly stood out was the company playing poker, which brought with them a strong tincture of ginseng root in the amount of 5 bottles and tried to get poor Nick, who is responsible for this table, drunk, urging him to definitely taste this healing elixir that can cure various diseases, and is especially useful for sexual disorders

No matter how much Nick tried to explain in broken Russian that everything was fine with him, they told him in the same broken English that he would not have a chance to taste this magical drink anymore and it would be better to drink now, otherwise it would be too late later ... And Nick drank ... And not only Nick. Everyone drank.

And guests, and foreigners, and dealers, and inspectors, leaving the tables, immediately joined the general holiday. Only 3 people were strangers at this feast - poor cashiers, sitting in their "booth" and being under the strict control of their immediate boss, a Chinese woman.

They had no chance to rest - waitresses cannot enter the cashier. The three hours allotted for the event flew by like five minutes. Everyone returned home cheerful and drunk, and someone needed a continuation of the

banquet ...


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