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What Can I Take For Nasal Congestion While Pregnant

Congested Nose While Pregnant: 5 Treatment Options to Consider Treating Sinus Congestion While Pregnant | Ask Dr Sears Pregnancy rhinitis: Why you might have a stuffy nose in Treating Sinus Congestion While Pregnant | Ask Dr Sears Saline irrigation is a popular and safe method for clearing up a stuffy nose if you’re pregnant and congested. This method uses saltwater to wash out the nasal passages. The saltwater washes out thick or dried mucus and. Humidity is your friend, as it can help decrease the swelling of the nasal passages and help relieve the pressure in your nose. And Baby Center recommends drinking lots of water, elevating your head when you go to sleep, and getting mild to moderate exercise.

The first choice is Rhinocort ( budesonide ), as studies show it is generally safe to use during pregnancy. 4 However, if budesonide is not. What Can I Take for Congestion While Pregnant? You can ease your pregnancy congestion if you: Drink adequate fluids. 6 to 8 glasses of fluids (water) daily can help thin your mucus. Stay in a moisturize room. Use a humidifier to keep the. Inhaled nasal steroids (e.g., Vancenase and Beconase) are in the “probably safe” category for treating sinus congestion while pregnant.. Drink plenty of fluids. Increase the humidity levels in your home. Use a humidifier. Don’t use nasal irritants, such as cigarette smoke. Get moving. Regular, moderate-intensity exercise can reduce congestion. It can also help you sleep better. But first, check with your healthcare provider to see what exercises are safe for you. Steam is soothing and temporarily relieves congestion. Soak a washcloth with hot water, hold it up to your face, and breathe. Try using saline nose drops or saline nasal spray three to four times a day to clear your nasal passages. Saline-only nasal sprays are considered safe during pregnancy. Topical or nasal spray decongestants, such as Afrin, were once thought to be safe for most pregnant women. However, these too work by constricting blood flow to the sinuses, and it is now thought that it can be absorbed systemically. Nasal congestion Nasal congestion is the blockage of nasal breathing usually due to membranes lining the nose becoming swollen from inflamed blood vessels.

What Can I Take For Nasal Congestion While Pregnant

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