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Dolce Vita

Dolce Vita


Dolce Vita! The sweet life!


Now, we have to say, that this is one of our favourite blends and we put this together in February 2022 when thinking of the English Mothering Sunday in March. This fruit blend is very fruity and laced with honeysuckle and cornflowers. Did you know that cornflowers are great for digestion and stress and honeysuckle is so sweet!

  • Ingredients

    • Apple
    • Hibiscus
    • Papaya
    • Rose Hips
    • Orange pieces
    • Orange peel
    • Passionflower
    • Orange Blossoms
    • Honeysuckle
    • Cornflowers
  • Hot Tea - Cold Brew - Iced Tea

    This blend is perfect in many ways:

    For a hot tea, take a heaped teaspoon per person and place in a teapot, tea infuser, tea bottle or teabag and boil water. Add the boiling water to the tea and allow to infuse for 5-10 minutes

    For a cold brew, place a heaped teaspoon per person into a jug or infuser bottle. Add COLD water and chill in a refrigerator overnight for at least 6 hours. Then serve, it will taste gorgeous and be full of nutrients!

    To make this as an iced tea, brew the tea as a hot tea, allow it to cool slightly, and add your choice of sweetener. Then pour over ice and serve

  • Benefits

    We have some super antioxidants in this blend and highlight the cornflowers which are great for digestion, may help with stress, anxiety and evan assist with detox.

    Apple may help with bone health, vision, heart and imunity, hibiscus and rose hip are grar for the  skin and immunity and passionflower is good for calming the spirit.

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