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chai and spice blends

Sip a Turmeric Chai, hand-blended using whole spices right here in Guernsey, or try our Unity and Balance with coconut milk, we have added a few of our most favorite teas here too such as Lavender, Rose, and Papaya, the perfect all-rounder that may help alleviate pain and help with relaxation and inflammation


Chai is an exotic drink, usually blended with a milk of choice, heated gently and then served warm with a drizzle of honey, agave or cinnamon sugar.

Our blends are made on the island of Guernsey and are hand crushed using a standard pestle and mortar to bring our customers a full-on flavour that can be used several times over.


Open up your chai and add a decent-sized teaspoonful per cup into a saucepan. Add milk of your choice, this works well with any milk, if you prefer it to be sweet, add some honey, cinnamon sugar or syrup while the milk heats gently. Allow infusing for at least ten minutes, allow longer if possible and then strain and serve.

As we use whole spices, your chai can be washed and reused several times

Spiced Chai
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