For many hundreds, in fact, thousands of years, people have turned to their natural surroundings for health and their food.

But too many times we have become needier for quick remedies or instant fixes, wanting our vegetables to look more like eye candy on the store shelves rather than be a decent carrot to put in your stew!

Er...guys and gals, this food ends up being chopped up and peeled! Oh, bring back the ugly veg ...please!

Herbs and Minerals

Our Mission To Change


Young Businesswomen


life is crazy, busy, and at times so frantic that we go from day to day hoping that some good ole positivity and calm will knock on our door and wave its magic wand!

We know that we are all passionate about our health and wellness, but combining that in your everyday routine can be kinda hard! Yep, been there, in there and at times, still in the midst of chaos.

That's why we created the Apothecary Guernsey and Lulu Sera, so together we can work in harmony, with gifts and treats, along with herbs, botaincals and superfoods that will be so easy to add into your daily routine.

So, here are some ideas