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Turkish Tea with a Twist

Turkish Tea with a Twist


We have two types of Apple Tea, one has been created with apple pieces, pineapple pieces and the second is a simple blend of apple pieces.


The tea is ready for you to infuse in boiling water. Apple is such a beneficial fruit as it helps with bone health, vision, heart health and immunity. Pineapple adds that delicous sweetness and complements the effects of the apple on the body by helping with inflammation, anxiety and the immune system.



  • Ingredients


    • Apple pieces

    Apothecary Apple

    • Apple pieces
    • Pineapple pieces
  • To Make

    Simply take a large dessert spoon full per person and add this to a teapot. Fill the pot with boiling water and pop the lid onto the teapot.

    Allow the apple tea to infuse for at least ten minutes before serving. A lot of our friends like to add some honey to their tea so add honey, agave, or a sweetener of choice should you wish.

    To serve, drain the tea through a tea strainer and enjoy!

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