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Savon de Marseille Soap Flakes

Savon de Marseille Soap Flakes


Soap flakes made by one of the most long-standing producers in Marseille, you can now experience what has been used to wash clothes in Marseille for hundreds of years.

Just £2.50 for 25g ( approx 12 washes ) and £5.00 for 50g

Save money - Save time - Save our Environment

Key benefits:

Very economical

Natural product

Completely biodegradable

Vegan and vegetarian-friendly, plant-based natural ingredients

Sustainable Ingredients

Not tested on animals

No colourings

No fragrances

No Parabens

No phosphates

No sulphates

Packaging arrives with us in large paper sacks, we break it down into small paper bags, so no plastic is involved in the supply chain

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