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A Balmy Day

My days have been filled with waiting for that opportunity to use our latest batch of Calendula oil that has been infusing for the last few months at the Apothecary. I remember back to the time when my firstborn child lay in my arms and I wondered, as a new mum to this amazing bundle of joy, how I could best treat their delicate skin, what would I use for their bumps and rashes?

I needed a balm that would heal, be gentle on all skins, and have antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. I read through my books, some dated back to my grandmother's era, for recipes that would benefit us all but most importantly, be my 'go to' balm for the children.

Fast forward 20 years and I still use this amazing ointment but have refined the recipe, by understanding more about the botanicals I use, the oils, and the methods of blending. Also during this time I’ve learned more about the incredible healing properties and have seen it work its magic.

So what’s in this incredible one for all? Six ingredients that’s it, the key player being calendula, my sunshine flower with all its sticky goodness, where she can be found as a companion flower for avid veggie gardeners, They use the Calendula as a deterrent for aphids keeping the pests off the runner beans! Mix this with a blend of safflower, calendula flowers, vit e, coconut oil, beeswax, and lavender,

In folk medicine, we gather the flowers, stems and leaves in full sun when their healing powers are at their best, so that is just the time that if my calendula are blooming, I go picking the best blooms for my balms.

The calendula can also be drunk freshly infused in boiling water and made into tea, the flowers can be used in baths, tinctures, and ointments, all with the action of healing with great success. Calendula has often been known for having actions that resemble Arnica but it is superior in its healing power.

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