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Meet Tipsy!

Since we started our business back in 2020, we have had to battle with pop up tents, gazebos that blow away and battle with the elements on a blustery rain soaked day here in Guernsey. So, on a quiet Sunday, we started looking at getting a trailer so we could serve our delicious teas and drinks in comfort, as well as making our business more accessible.

Pinterest boards galore sprung up between Chantelle and I, looking at cute tailers that we knew we simply couldn't afford as a start up company, but then we spotted 'Tipsy' on eBay and thought, we get this little trailer?

Within just a couple of hours and numerous girlie chats, we decided to go ahead and can now safely say, we are so happy with our first major investment.

So by the end of June, the trailer was finished and we had it brought over to the island by ferry and we finished the interior off ready for our first EDABL event on the seafront in Guernsey.

The support from our local community was incredible, lots of people stopped by to say hello and we sold out during the morning, meaning our poor overworked husbands had to go off for more supplies and deliver them to us, not once but twice!

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