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May 2021 - We Made It To TikTok!

Well, we are delighted to be out of another lockdown here on our tiny island of Guernsey. Luckily for us islanders, the lockdown was a strict, but quick lockdown, which ensured that we were able to get back up and running within a month or two.

This gave us some breathing space though, time to reflect on our progress moving forward, time to check our stocks and look at our position as we are still a very young company, not a year old yet! We then realised that we needed to start expanding our social network and get into new ways of interacting with our customers, so braved the new world of TikTok!

We all got together and made a few infusions up recently, making good of the dry weather where we could and have some large storage bottles full of delicious scents, one favourite is the rose and lavender....this is going into some of our summer range where we are making some gorgeous after sun balms and a rose hair spritz.

Infusions though can be short, such as some vodka infusions, but with the botanicals and herbs we are using this time, it will take over six weeks of daily stirring, turning and checking until they will be ready to use.

There are lots of different ideas out there for making your own versions of an infusion, some easy ones are a simple clean jar and lid, some fractionated coconut oil, lavender flowers or similar and a dash of Evening Primrose Oil. Place in the jar with at least half of the jar full of flowers, add the oil and a dash of Evening Primrose and then seal. Allow this to sit for at least six weeks in a well lit room, turning the jar daily to allow the contents to mix. When ready, drain the contents into a new clean jar by using a muslin cloth to capture the flowers and tiny pieces that may have broken off as you need your oil to be as clean as possible.

Then it is ready to use! Tah dah!

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