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Our Teas are Fruitilicous!

When you take a peek into our teas, we don't like to hide them in tebags, nope...nada..we like them to shine in all their glory, becauase these teas are works of art! We can now package your beautiful works of art into clear triangular packages so your teas look so fruitilicous you could snack on them too!

One of our Fruitilicous Teas

We spend hours checking our teas over, sampling them and making sure they balance and provide just what we want them to do. Our fruit blends are amazing, real chunks of fruit, feature in our sparkling blends, with botanicals that look so beautiful and bright that not only look good, but do some great things too!

One favourite is our cornflowers, some of which were harvested in August this year, in a garden in Guernsey that hasn't seen a pestcide in years. These gorgeous flowers put a sparkle into a lot of our teas, but the humble cornflower packs a small punch into our health, for instance look at some of the benefits, this tiny, brightly coloured flower can do for your health and skin!

The plant’s medicinal value lies in its anti-inflammatory properties, taken in a tea, it may aid stomach ulcers, bleeding gums anf mouth sores. It can also help improve digestion and as it is high in antioxidants, cornflowers can help detox the liver.

If you fancy a stronger version, take a spoonful of fresh cornflowers and allow to infuse in hot water for at least ten minutes, then take it as a normal herbal tea (obviously please drain the flowers first), it will be so beneficial for your internal organs such as the liver, gut and even your skin.

Take a large spoon of flowers and infuse in hot water for a good ten to twenty minutes, this can then be sipped and it may help treat urinary tract infections as well as assist your body heal with its anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties.

Also these flowers are great when used as a compress. Make a nice long infusion of cornflowers in hot water, but this time allow the infusion to cool completely, dip a compress into the liquid and apply to aching muscles, bruises, pimples, skin issues such as excema may benfit from this as well as a good eye compress for puffy eyes or soreness.

We suggest you take a look online and do some serious research as these gorgeous flowers are a must for any pantry and medicine cupboard! So, when you look deeply into your cuppa, is it full of natures goodness?

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Your teas truly are fruitilicious, I must admit I do have a nibble while making my tea!

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