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Sea Front Sundays in Guernsey

June 28th, 2021, and we attended our first event on the town seafront. The weather began damp (very damp) with threats of thunder and winds, but soon enough, the clouds parted and the sun shone upon us creating a beautiful early summer's day.

The pier was bustling with people right from the start, with market vendors and eateries setting up their stalls in readiness for a busy event, we were already serving customers by 8.30 am with Chai Latte's and tea, with hardly a break in between customers!

We launched three new teas and tisanes, Citrus Blends, The Duchess, and a Rooibos Power Chai that tastes equally good with hot water as in milk. These were all so popular, we even ran out of stock at one stage and had to make a panic call through to one of our hubbies to deliver further supplies to our tent.

It was wonderful to feel free to talk to customers again, face to face. It has been such a struggle since we launched in late 2020 right in the midst of the Covid lockdown in the UK, with us finding that we had fully stocked shelves but not able to even deliver our teas to our customers!

This time though, lockdown is now over for us here on the island, at least we hope for a while, so talking to people was so important to us. We met so many wonderful people, not only from Guernsey, but France and even China visited our stand, and, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the support and feedback we received. We served up gourmet hot chocolate, loose leaf teas from our massive collection of over 20 blends and even spread a few free children’s sprinkle cups to our local children.

We are a young company, learning so much, and are so grateful for everyone's support and amazing togetherness that the Guernsey spirit has.

So I thought I would lead you all into how we designed one of our blends, the inspiration for it, and how this particular herbal tisane is going to be launched later this month.

My next post will be all about how we came to create Herm Evensong!

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