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Anxiety and It's Hidden Casualties

I am no expert in anxiety and stress, but I have witnessed what tiny moments in a person's life can escalate into a myriad of mini blocks that build up into such a wall, that it begins to stop our own loved ones from enjoying the many pleasures of life and living.

A lot of the time we don't want to talk about this...stuff...but I know myself, that friends have recognised little signs in my own life and given me that guiding hand through big and little knocks. Hence one of the reasons why we started Lulu Sera and joined forces with Apothecary Guernsey, to provide those doorsteps filled with a little moments of happiness. Just a card on the doorstep of a neighbor or friend is enough to tell them they are not alone. The phone call to check in on them or a wave from your car is sometimes enough to let them know you are there.

I imagine you too are passionate about subjects like this, and we all need to feel it is okay to speak about this with close friends and family, reach out to those who need help, and finally help those in need to get their lives back to living, There must be millions of people out there who are unable to leave their homes, living in fear of becoming ill and losing contact with their loved ones. For someone to know that another person is thinking of them, is one of those great moments, not for the reward of being thanked, but for seeing the smile on their faces.

My own doorstep has been graced by a friend a few years ago while in Florida.

I was feeling down after a nasty fall that left me in a lot of pain, this then made me feel very low, sorry for myself and extremely worried about getting back on my feet again. A friend in the neighborhood left me a box of little goodies that really made me smile, she even managed to find some English teabags, and OMG, there is a big difference in teas out there! She knew just how to make my day special, even now it makes me realise how lucky I was to have friends and neighbors who cared.

So now , when I find, by the end of my own mixed up and turbulent day, after teaching, learning, writing and being a mum, daughter and wife to all, that when I escape to my own little room with a huge cup of tea, that it is my time to unwind, breathe, accept all of those icky things that happened and put them away to bed. I always smile when I think back to that cup of tea, that moment of happiness when I opened the bag and saw the box of english teabags, now almost three years ago.

So friends it's no use spending your time worrying about yesterday, live for today and tomorrow because you are blessed with the biggest gift of all....LIFE!


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