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Holy Basil - Tulsi

Holy Basil is one of those herbs that everybody should grow, but, the one we all know that’s sold in the supermarkets for sprinkling on our pizzas and pasta, is not the same plant.

It is true that all basils are aromatic and smell very similar but the common basil found in our kitchens is in fact a different species and is used in a totally different way.

An amazing fact is that there are over 60 different species in the Ocimum genus that is the basil family.

Tulsi (Holy Basil) is one of India's most sacred plants and is widely used in Ayurvedic medicine. Tulsi is used for so many things but is mainly used as a nourishing and immune building herb, it has been said to be useful for reducing stress and anxiety, recent researchers concluded that O.Sanctum may be a promising anxiolytic agent in the near future.

Other uses for Tulsi are for cardiovascular health, brain health, arthritis and even inflammatory conditions. It is believed that taken over time Holy basil can have a positive effect on bolstering our immune system and it can even help treat bacterial and viral infections.

Please be aware though, like with all foods and herbs, It is worth noting that Holy Basil should not be used regularly if you are trying to conceive, also, it can thin the blood slightly so be careful if you are taking blood thinners.

As the days grow shorter, it's getting deep into flu season and its time to keep up with a suitable regime to keep that finely toned body of yours in pristine condition.

Please remember that we always recommend seeking a herbalist before starting on your herbal journey, we are all different and our bodies require individual attention, tailored to specific criteria, to aid their function to operate at their highest levels.

We should be reminded that everything on this planet is potentially toxic, it all comes down to dosage and frequency! Be diligent, be responsible, be thorough.

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1 Comment

Love eating Holy Basil, so great to learn of it's medicinal properties.

Thank you... one I will defiantly be adding to my herb patch x

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