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Herb of the Week!

Western herbal medicine can manage and support a wide range of common ailments from digestive issues to joint pain, skin problems, and hormone imbalances. All of our recipes are for information and enjoyment only. We do not use these recipes for diagnosing or treating medical health problems, if in doubt, always check with your GP or MD.

This week's herb is a berry from the Hawthorn bush which is a native species to many parts of the world including Europe, North America, and Asia.

Hawthorn berries contain powerful antioxidants and they can help strengthen your veins helps your body with high and low blood pressure as well as benefiting other health issues such as anxiety, anti-inflammatory and may even help with heart health too.

These amazing berries can help in so many ways, but because of their powerful uses, we do suggest that if you are taking medicines for your heart or any other serious condition, that you check with your doctor.

Rose is mildly sedative, relaxing, and anti-inflammatory whilst the cinnamon is warming, good for intestinal discomfort and gas, flavorful, anti-inflammatory and may help with LDL and triglyceride levels.

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