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Pumpkin Spice
sensational teas
for sensational people!

We hear you!

Got the perfect cups and mugs but not the perfect tea? Are you tired of drinking the same teas and fancy a change or maybe you want to up your healthy habits and go greener or avoid the caffeine all together?

Then step this way and give us a try, loose-leaf, delicious, and totally awesome teas from the Apothecary in Guernsey

teas with a difference

An island-based business with creative ideas about the perfect cup of tea! 

Full of flavor, using the finest ingredients and hand-blended with our very own skilled hands to create unique blends.

Black tea, green tea, white tea, herbal, fruit, remedies from ancient recipes, and iced teas for hot days, we aim to encourage our customers to try something new and enjoy the wonders of a hand-crafted tea.

Apothecary teas by Lulu Sera, created with that extra TLC

Tropical Fruits
tea for all occasions!

Tourism is really important to our island and we love to see so many visitors from all over the world, visiting Guernsey!

We have spoken to so many new people, and noticed that many are now seriously interested in aiding health, restoring body balance, and optimizing their intake of important!!!

Try using one of our teas, cold brewed in the refrigerator overnight, poured over ice, or make it with steamed milk with a little turmeric and honey. So, no matter where you live, there is a tea to suit you, hot, cold, with ice, milk or plain herbal tisanes, we are sure that we have something hiding somewhere on our website that will engage your taste buds!

Golden Tea
we use only the finest ingredients...

Each tea is handcrafted, with our team taking great care at each stage, ensuring quality and that 'just how we like it, ' taste is in each batch.

Most teas are made to order, so your order gets the VIT treatment ( very important tea ).

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